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How to Use Social Networking Sites to Drive Business

Wow, social media, such a magnificent idea. It is so awesome how fast social media has taking off. Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube has so much potential for all businesses, the possibilities are endless. With the vast social media, you can always target either a specific type of audience, or every one of all ages. The internet is our way of life, and these days our children are using the internet by the time they can start to talk, walk, or even crawl.
Social media is a wonderful tool for anyone, but for a business it is important to make sure that your page is monitored, so with that in mind, you will need a great computer team that will properly set up your site, and the monitor your sites progress. It is a great idea to get your company advertised, so another great idea is to have sponsors. Your computer staff could help monitor that. It is important to have personality, to be “Hip” with today’s youth, they are the ones that a company or a business needs to worry about because today’s youth is very familiar with social media, it is amazing what kids these days know about Facebook, Twitter, and all of the other forms of the internet. My 14 year old sister-in-law is always showing tips and tricks to answer some of the questions I have about the internet. I am not old but I am outdated with today’s technology.
One thing that is important is to make sure when using social media, never offend anyone or send the wrong message. YouTube sometimes has the wrong type of videos to watch, even if it is for entertainment purposes. Make sure you obey the laws, state and federal. And, in my opinion, use the more familiar sites, the ones that are more popular, especially when you want to target a young crowd.
In conclusion, are world is grow at an alarming rate, the same thing goes for technology. Social media has grown so fast, and we outdated folks, like myself, need to grow with it. It might be hard at first, but we are smart people. We can grow with society.

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5 great tips from kickstarter

Wow, Kickstarter would be the people and/or company that I would go to if I was going to start my own business. I think that this might even better then going to a bank because Kickstarter only takes 8-10% for tax and fees as long as you meet your goal. The only catch is that you only have the 60 day period to make that goal. What I would do if I was starting my first business, I would set my goal high, but not to high where it is impossible to meet. I would make sure that my goal is very possible, not plausible. I understand that I have to make sure that I have to make a clear message, so it is very important to be straight to the point, and so that anyone can understand what I am trying to say. That part, I would say, is the easy part. That will be part of making a great plan, my plan will be through and precise. Then I would use my social media skills, and personal connections to create my fan-base. These days it is very important to create followers. Creating new fans, or followers would be a risk because you could make someone upset and then BANG, a plague can start and one bad remark, or comment can deplete your fan-base. Working in a restaurant, I can tell you that it is extremely hard to get someone come back from a bad experience. You have to give them free products, do some major sucking- up, and so forth. So in my perspective try very hard not to make people mad. With a growing fan-base, you can get a lot of moral support, motivation, and advice. That is why you should always listen to anyone, as long as they have something to say. Some of the greatest ideas in history come from the “little guy” in one’s group. Life is about making mistakes, because without mistake how can you improve yourself as a person. No one is perfect, and the same thing goes for a business, so we need to understand that having a business will not be easy, otherwise anyone would do it, so it is important to take baby steps, then work your way up, but still have fun, and professional doing it.

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4 Smarter Ways to Work Your Connections

Connecting with clients is a lot like what I do at Olive Garden, We have to connect with our guests. Our job is not only feed everyone, but to make them feel like family. So in the article 4 smart ways to work your connection, this is a good article because I can relate a lot to it. We have to market a product, or the menu successfully, you’ve got to come up with your bulls-eye target, customer base, and position to meet their specific needs. Basically we have to upgrade, and sell appetizers, alcohol, desserts etc. In the business this is basically the same. Success is all about relationships and in the business world, you have to have a relationship to get anywhere. We also have a great environment to eat at because we have a lot of people who always come back, or as we call “regulars”, this is nice because we grow with these people, we connect with the guests, and we have fun doing this. Plus, this great because we have a chance to enjoy our our job, and you work more effectively when you have fun at your job. You need to make things more personal, success can be more effective that way.

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Why Small Businesses Fail

Well first of all, this article was good. Although it was brief but it was straight to the point. Seth Godin does make a valid point on why small businesses go out of business. He felt that they go way beyond their marketing stand-point, and that business owners give them themselves to much to handle, and they do it too fast. So the business fails before it really has a chance to even get started. Business owners need to understand that it will take time for them to get ahead, so they need to take baby steps for the first year or so, maybe even longer. There has been small businesses that have gone out of business after 20 years. People need to realize nothing is ever a guarantee, and this applies to small businesses as well. Basically business is about knowing your value, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses beforehand, many owners let power and money go to their head. I find it very true that best-selling author Seth Godin said, “Comment less, contribute more, re-tweet none. We need you to be generous, not Dan Rather.” This is true because people tend to take things either to far or not far enough. People need to have goals but they should these goal that are impossible to reach. I believe that we need not to aim a goal to high and we miss it or make our goal to low and we reach it. Small business owners need to concentrate on the micro-market and not the macro-market, just like Seth Godin said. They need to still use all forms of social media but they need to use it in small quantities and then work their way up. In the interview, all of Seth’s responses were very brief, even though they were to the point, and it is funny when asked why were his responses were brief, he said that they would have been longer if he work on them less diligently. I think he meant that if he would have had spent more time on his answers, they his responses would have been more thorough. At least he was honest.

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Credit Checks Draw Questions

First of all, this credit check nonsense is for the birds. Using a credit check for a future employee is not only discriminating but it is offensive as well. You can not base someone’s work ethics based on their credit. A lot of time students, who really couldn’t afford to go to college, had to take out student loans and therefore are in ten’s of thousand’s, if not over a hundred thousand dollars worth of debt. Just because someone might have a bad credit report, it does not mean they are not trust-worthy, or have bad work ethics. Someone could have a excellent credit report and still be a horrible employee to work with. To pick a future employee, I believe you need to do a personality test, then peer interviews. In my opinion, I believe that personality tests can tell the employer what a person is really like before they even meet. Personality tests can also provide the employer some in-tell how the interviewee can handle pressure and stress. Peer interviews are great as well, this provides the the person that is being interviewed to more calm, and less nervous. Plus the interviewer can ask difficult questions but because the mood is a little more relaxing, I feel the interviewee will be a little more forth-coming then if the interview was at first with “the big boss.”
Because the nation is in a recession, a lot of people are out of work and/or have no insurance, and because of that people will more likely have a worse credit report. We can not use this against everyone. Everyone, everywhere has debt, and regardless if they have a better score then most, this alone does not make them a good person. This just makes them a little more lucky then most. Even if this was an effective method there is still no statistical correlation between what’s in somebody’s credit report and how they perform at a job. I understand that when a company hires a new employee, they out a lot on the line, but that is chance that the company, and employer has to make. Life is about risk’s, so why should giving someone your trust when you hire them be any different?

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Things you should tweet.

Many companies will use Twitter for a promotional stand-point because it is really acceptable for doing business. The only hard part is getting your point across in under 140 characters. In the article, 10 Things You Should Tweet, by Jon Gelberg, you can put message that are related to the products or services that the companies are trying to promote. The first thing is list articles or links that will intreg the target audience. Then alway put pictures of employees, offices,and celebrations to let your followers know that we are a great company and we want people to follow our Tweets. Thirdly, businesses get more business if they are involved with a charity or the community. This shows the followers that the company cares about the public. A company always needs to follow all Tweets because sometimes a customer might not be happy, and you want to quickly respond to any complaint or complement. Number ipsix states that getting our expertise across, is a great way to increase followers. If the company received and award, or an achievement, don’t be afraid to flaunt that excitement. Companies should be proud of an achievement, and they should share that with the world. An audience will tend to follow more if a company uses humor, even from other forms of social media to promote a service or product. Humor is a great tool to get people interested in something. Next, it is important for a company to show any increases that the company has made. They do this by providing studies, surveys, trends, and breakthroughs that hey have made. This serves a dual purpose that proves to the audience that the company is serious on always improving and by providing interesting content. Lastly, the “none or above” tweet is a way to be creative and useful. That is what Twitter is all about. With all marketing techniques, you always need to monitor how people are responds to your tactics. You always want to make sure that you respond to positive and negative feedback, and never ignore any comments that people post, that can be disappointing to some, and really important to other. Another big thing to remember when Tweeting, always be carful on what you put on the Internet, because once it is on there, you can never take it off.

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An education in the workplace

In 2010, many believed that the recession had worsened but the truth is it was getting better for corporations. The labor force was declining though. The only thing that the recession was hitting hard was our youth. The unemployment rate was nearly 20% for young worker ages 16-24, (BORNSTEIN,D. 2011). DAVID BORNSTEIN wrote an article about how there two types of economies, the first is that big companies have high earners that thrive, and the other in which millions struggle to find jobs and make ends meet. David believe that our youth was getting hit the hardest. Over 4,000,000 young adults were without a job, and in today’s society most job require a high school diploma and/or a college degree. A lot of high school students either drop-out of high school or they never finish their college education. Our youth unemployment needs to have more attention payed. So Gerald Chertavian, founded Year Up, a nonprofit, and Year Up assists disadvantaged, minority youths, whose only academic achievement is a high school degree or equivalency degree. Year Up is a six-month training program which is then followed by a six-month internship in a large corporation. The goal is to get our youth to succeed in getting a job and/or a career going for them. Roughly, 70 percent of its students complete the program and within four months, 84 percent of graduates are either enrolled full time in college or have secured a job. Year UP gets today’s youth motivated to be successful. Chertavian says,“If a student gets to zero, he has fired himself from the program”. This is a great way to look at a goal. Year Up is there to help their students, but if the student don’t meet the tutors at least half way, then they are only failing themselves.
So for us to have our two economies combine we need to concentrate on schools. Starting with preschools and working our way up. We need to give these students a chance at success, not to give up on them even if they act out or rebel, because frankly all of us rebelled at some point, and our parents, and teachers didn’t give up on us. So we can’t give up on our children. We as a nation need to make our youth succeed because they are our future.

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Social Media

With the vast world of social media, it seems like that the good old fashion way of advertising is a discarded or an outmoded type, like business cards, fliers, newspaper articles, etc. I am more of a traditional type of person but I do like keeping up with the 21st century. The world is so dependent on technology we forget about originality. Don’t get me wrong, I think that social media is great. Everyone, it seems like, is using some sort of social media. With Facebook, Twitter, and Google there are so many possibilities for a company or a small business to sell their products. According to an article from Forbes, 58% of businesses that use social media marketing from the past 3 years reported an increase in sales over that period. I find it amazing that Facebook, Twitter, and Google, the top three in Social Media, can really make a business in to a successful entity. I currently work for Olive Garden and I am always hearing from guests that they decided to come to our restaurant because of seeing it from Facebook. I love Facebook, and to tell you the truth I laugh of how much Olive Garden is plastered all over Facebook. I am sure that Olive Garden is all over Twitter too. I haven’t tried Twitter yet, so I am not sure what to expect. A great example of a great social media technique is Angry Birds. It started as a fun game on the Facebook, then it seemed like over night you Angry Birds merchandise. Today you can buy almost anything that has to do with Angry Birds. I can only imagine the kind of revenue that the creator is bringing in yearly.
Google is amazing, with it’s credited links, and helpful websites, truthfully I don’t know what I would do without Google. You can type in any question on Google, and you can get an excellent answer. Social Media is so helpful with just about anything in today’s world. With the knowledge that today’s youth is obtaining from social media, a successful career will be in the future. Today more and more schools, and major universities are offering programs that specialize in social media. That is a wonderful thing because the way technology is growing now, can you imagine what sort of new ways to perfect social media would be at in 10-20 years, that possibilities are end-less.

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Hello, my name is Paula. I am 30 years old. I have been happily married for 9 years. I have two children, Madison and Billy. I am attending Baker College to become a Physical Therapy Assistant. I eventually want to recieve my Masters in Physical Therapy. I am a bartender/sever at Olive Garden, and I have been employeed there for almost 11 years. My hobbies are reading, puzzles, and of course having fun with my family.